Ever since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air—the vehicle that kickstarted Will Smith's Hollywood journey—hit HBO Max, you had to be ready for the cavalcade of Fresh Prince-related content. The series, which turned 30 back in September and is without a doubt one of the best Black sitcoms ever to hit television, not only has a dramatic reboot on the way, but a reunion special, featuring most of the principle cast, that's set to hit HBO Max on Thursday, November 19. We'd already seen the above shot earlier this year, but today Will Smith dropped the official trailer...and people are HYPE.

We're less than a week away from this Fresh Prince reunion. Since we don't have anything else to do and have been waiting for a moment like this for years, we hope that HBO Max and the cast will give us what we need from a good reunion special. What are the things we want to see? Glad you asked!