TMZ recently caught up with Tristram Shapeero, the man behind the alleged voice heard disparaging Lukas Gage's living arrangements during an audition over Zoom. 

Shapeero, whose directorial credits include Community, Parks and Recreation, and Veep, argues that he doesn't owe an apology to Gage because "I didn’t say anything bad." He repeatedly refused to elaborate any further about the incident because he's speaking with PR people and will eventually release a statement. 

On Friday, Gage, who previously starred in Euphoria and American Vandal, posted a clip of his Zoom audition where an alleged Shapeero believes he’s on mute as he comments on how "these poor people live in these tiny apartments."

To his credit, Gage not only takes the insulting remark in stride, but he also tries to use it to appeal for the part. “Oh my god, I am so, so sorry," the mortified director responded. Despite clearly coming across as apologetic during their Zoom meeting, Shapeero isn't willing to accept fault for what Gage wasn't supposed to hear, saying, "Because the context of which it was said and the context of the meanings of the words need to be properly evaluated." 

Since posting their awkward interaction, Gage has received a number of supportive messages from actors who have commended the way he handled the situation to others who have vowed to not work with a director like Shapeero.