The PlayStation 5 hits North American store shelves in just under a month, and Sony has shared a look at the user interface ahead of launch.

Following the recent presentation from the company that showed what's inside the console itself, the new video showcases the look of the UI and the new features that come with it. As the official PlayStation Blog notes, one of the biggest changes from the PS4 is the Control Center, which gives gamers quicker access to the console's features than before. Presented at a native 4K with HDR support, the UI looks to be the snappiest from PlayStation to date.

A good portion of the video is focused on showing how fast the console is, with a lot of that thanks to the high speed SSD. Another major change from PS4 is the addition of Activities, which are presented as cards that offer different entry points into games. It'll even offer users an indication of how long each activity might take, and the video showcases just how quickly that works in practice. 

"So the PS5 UX is centered around the getting of players into the game easier and faster. And as you know, you can see they're making their available playtime more meaningful," said PlayStation's Hideaki Nishino, Eurogamer noted. "So with the PS5 user experience, we are reimagining the way the game works together with the hardware and network, delivering a truly next generation experience. The UX is completely centred around the player and we're connecting players with gameplay."

Community aspects of the console have also gotten revamp from the PS4, and if users get stuck they can briefly pause the game to access Official Game Help that offers hints. Essentially, the UI appears to be focused on keeping you in the game as much as possible.