Matthew McConaughey, he of True Detective's still-celebrated inaugural season and other feats of art, dropped a new memoir this week.

Described as "an album, a record, a story of my life so far" by McConaughey, Greenlights sees the actor-made-author penning what he calls a "love letter to life." In it, McConaughey reveals he was "blackmailed" into sex as a young teen.

"I was blackmailed into having sex for the first time when I was 15," McConaughey writes in the book, per an excerpt published by Variety on Wednesday. "I was certain I was going to hell for the premarital sex. Today, I am merely certain that I hope that's not the case."

And while McConaughey notes that he "never felt like a victim" from these experiences, as his life has given him "a lot of proof" that the universe is conspiring behind his own happiness, the Wild Turkey creative director also briefly recounted being molested by an unnamed man when he was 18 years old and "knocked unconscious in the back of a van."

The Crown-published book is out now and also sees McConaughey penning thoughts on his 2012 marriage to Camila Alves, the death of his father (who suffered a heart attack while having sex with the actor's mother), and much more.

Amid the press cycle, McConaughey also made a stop on the Hot Ones show: