Inflammatory underwear is at the center of a potential legal dispute between Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame.

Exotic has apparently been selling limited-edition underwear marked as "Casket Baskin Briefs" under his REVENGE fashion collection with the Odaingerous brand. And according to a new report from TMZ, Baskin is no fan of this move at all and has sent a cease and desist to both Exotic and the team at Odaingerous. 

According to Baskin, neither party boasts the right to make money using her name. She's now asking for a full rundown of sales that have been made from any piece of merch that uses her name or likeness. Furthermore, Baskin's team is threatening full-blown legal action if the merch in question isn't removed from the lineup.

At the time of this writing, the underwear was still being promoted on the brand's social media and still appeared on their official site at a price of $29.

Last month, TMZ shared another lawsuit-centered update on the infamous feud between Baskin and Exotic in which it was claimed that the family of her missing husband Don Lewis was taking legal action over references made to him during Baskin's recent Dancing With the Stars run.