Ahead of the Season 4 premiere of Fargo, Chris Rock sat down to talk with Jimmy Fallon about why he thinks Cardi B is one of "the funniest people in the world."

Rock said that his kids showed him some videos of Cardi B, and he thought that she was so funny that he even wanted to pitch a comedy series starring her. "She told me about her rap at the time, and I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's good. Anyway, you're a comedy star,'" he said. While the network ultimately wasn't interested in the idea, Rock still firmly believes that Cardi is among the funniest people in the world right now.

"It’s like... Chappelle, Cardi, you know what I mean? Like, in the standings right now, who are the funniest people in the world? Cardi’s right up there!" he added. “She’s neck and neck with Bill Burr. She’s good, man." 

Rock also spoke briefly about Kanye West, who previously tapped him for the MBDTF track "Blame Game." In the past Ye has spoken at length about his appreciation for comedy movies, but it would appear that he's a huge fan of Pootie Tang in particular. As Chris Rock put it, during a recent chat Ye he told him, "Pootie Tang's the most important movie of the 20th century." He then apparently started to break down the movie to Rock, who admitted that Ye knows more about the 2001 comedy than he does. 

During the chat, Rock also quickly addressed the upcoming Saturday Night Live Season premiere episode he'll be hosting, which will be the first episode shot in the NYC studio since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the city. "Maybe you'll see me in the studio next week," he joked, adding that he has next to no idea how it will go, just that it will be live and Megan Thee Stallion is the musical guest.

Watch both clips from the interview above.