Fresh from celebrating the news that his popular Dave show, Big Zuu's Big Eats, has been renewed for another season, West London grime MC Big Zuu has launched his very own kebab with Middle Eastern restaurant, Le Bab

Zuu's natural on-screen charisma alongside his boyhood bros, Hyder and Tubsey, has seen him land a second season of his debut food show, which sees the self-taught chef head across the UK to bring his big eats to some of the country's favourite comedians.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, Zuu said: "Thank you to the amazing people at Dave and all the supporters. We we will back on your TV screens very soon."

Adding to what has been a great week for him, Zuu also announced a collaboration with London-based restaurant Le Bab entitled 'The Big Zuu Kebab', which looks pretty amazing. 

The idea was conjured up by Zuu and Le Bab's executive chef, Manu Canales, after becoming a friend of the restaurant while filming a segment of Big Zuu's Big Eats at Maison Bab in Covent Garden.

Canales drew influence from Big Zuu's Lebanese and Sierra Leonian heritage, and love for Italian cuisine to create the new kebab. His starting point was Zuu's favourite Le Bab kebab, the 'fried chicken' shish kebab, which uses BBQ free-range grilled chicken shish and crispy-fried chicken, all under one sourdough naan blanket.

The kebab, which Zuu calls "art that you can eat", features salt and vinegar cassava chips and a scotch bonnet BBQ sauce to celebrate Zuu's Sierra Leonian heritage, with garlic toum providing another Lebanese touch and grated parmesan adding a nod to Italy.

'The Big Zuu Kebab' is available at Le Bab and Maison Bab from September 24 until October 31. 

Get a closer look at the offering below and check out this video of Zuu making the self-titled "number one kebab." 


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