TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Blake Gray have each been charged with one misdemeanor count for violating Los Angeles’ emergency order during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TMZ reports that Hall and Gray have also been hit with a citation for a noise ordinance, in what the L.A. city attorney calls a “crackdown on party houses.” He also announced that criminal charges were going to be brought against Hall and Gray.

In recent weeks, the TikTok stars have hosted a series of parties in the Hollywood Hills. One of the bigger ones was Hall’s 21st birthday, which was attended by social media personalities who weren’t practicing social distancing or wearing face masks.

When L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti caught wind of the parties in late August, he shut off utilities at the home that Hall and Gray were renting with fellow TikToker, Noah Beck, who are known as members of the Sway House. The mayor noted that the pair’s gatherings could lead to more transmission of coronavirus.

Hall told TMZ that he deserved to have his power cut. “I regretted the party as soon as I threw the party. Was not expecting that many people to come. It happened, our power got shut off. I deserved it—now I’m just facing the consequences.” He also said that he and his friends have since vacated the rental property.

The shut off happened after Hall received a warning on Aug. 8 for throwing a large gathering, which prompted a visit from the LAPD. Hall also recently got into trouble in May, when he was arrested for drug-related charges in Texas, alongside Sway House member Jaden Hossler.