Jeffrey Marty, the estranged husband of Clueless actress Stacey Dash, has alleged that he was hypnotized into marrying her two years ago. The couple wedded on April 6, 2018, only 10 days after they had met, and separated last year.

As TMZ reports, Marty, who is a lawyer, has filed court documents in response to a divorce petition from Stacey. He has asked the judge to annul their marriage, which Stacey herself has yet to indicate she is opposed to. He claims Stacey's pastor put "serious religious pressure on him," and he added they only got made the move when the pastor "unexpectedly and suddenly proclaimed that it was God's will" that they get married.

Explaining his bizarre claims even further, Marty said he was under the influence of "hypnotic prayer techniques." While he didn't elaborate on what hypnotism he was apparently controlled by, Dash's legal team said he wasn't acting particuarly strange on the day of the wedding.

In 2019, Stacey Dash was arrested for domestic violence against Marty. Police responded to a call regarding a disturbance at their property, and when officers arrived she allegedly pushed and slapped Marty. Authorities noted he had scratch marks on his arm as well.

And just one year before that, Dash attempted to take her questionable politics to Congress, later withdrawing her candidacy for undisclosed reasons.