Cooking is a life skill that adults should possess, but with demanding schedules and food delivery services just an app away, making the time to cultivate the do’s and don’ts around the kitchen often takes a backseat. In the new normal that quarantine has created, there’s plenty of time and opportunity to tackle tasks we used to put to the side, including making a delicious home cooked meal. 

Like many of us, singer, actress, and entertainer Selena Gomez is learning her way around the stove, but unlike most of us she’s getting a little professional help. In her new Max Original Series Selena + Chef, Gomez will take virtual cooking lessons from some of the world’s most respected chefs to teach her how to make yummy meals without breaking a sweat.

This humorous yet informal cooking show will allow fans to see the chill side of Gomez as she learns tips and tricks from the likes of Tanya Holland, Roy Choi, Nyesha Arrington, and more. They’ll cook all kinds of dishes and tackle everything from a missing ingredient to an appliance that goes haywire. There will be lots of food, flavor and the occasional fumble, but it all comes together in the end… we hope.

Tune into Selena + Chef streaming now on HBO Max.