There’s nothing like a gorgeous celebrity home to get your mind off the fact that you’ve been stuck in your slightly less gorgeous home for the past four months. No shade though to Kendall Jenner, whose appearance in Architectural Digest (filmed and photographed pre-quarantine) is actually a treat for the eyes. 

The 24-year-old model, who of course hails from the all-powerful Kardashian-Jenner clan, shows off her surprisingly tranquil home in the August issue. In the video tour above, she opens by saying she moved there a year and a half ago and spent a full year renovating.

Unlike the rest of her family, it seems Kendall’s interior decorating leans toward a more homey, bohemian style. “I like a house that has character. When I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe,” Jenner told the magazine, describing the vibe. “My life involves a lot of chaos and travel and high energy, so I wanted a home that feels serene, a place where I can simply zone out and relax.” 

Photos of the home showcase Jenner’s love for contemporary art, textures, and mixing old and new. The house features a pool, art studio, and brass tub. 

“Being who she is, we thought Kendall might gravitate toward something more flashy, more va-va-voom. I think we were all thrilled to discover that she has taste beyond her years,” designer Kathleen Clements told AD

One of the most eye-catching pieces in her home is a luminous James Turrell light installation. 

“I’ve always been a huge Turrell fan. I was introduced to his work by [my brother-in-law] Kanye [West], who collaborates with him,” Jenner said, explaining the piece. “I wanted this piece to be a focal point of the house, and I’m so hyped to have it here.”

Unlike her sister Kim’s famously empty and museum-esque home, Jenner’s living room showcases her cozy, down-to-earth approach. 

“I’m not a huge party person. There aren’t a lot of ragers going on here,” Jenner said. “I like turning on music, lighting the fireplace and candles, and watching NBA games with my friends.”

Sharing the magazine cover on Instagram, she wrote, "It’s always been a big dream of mine to be featured in this magazine considering my huge (kinda secret) love for real estate and interior design."

Check out the entire Architectural Digest piece right here.