Just months after celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the original Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games has announced that Red Dead Online, the massive online world built off of Red Dead Redemption 2, would be receiving a massive update, titled "The Naturalist".

Available right now, the massive update lets you "track legendary wild animals, wield new weapons, and more," and includes a new characters, conservationist Harriet Davenport. Her wish, as you can see in the trailer for "The Naturalist" up above, is to learn more about the world through the many animals in their environment. There are a number of nefarious figures, though, who are interested in those animals as well...for the scratch their pelts can fetch on the open market from figures like Gus Macmillan.

Rockstar has also announced that Legendary Animals—which can be unlocked through Free Roam as well as missions that Harriet would send you on—will be rolling out on Red Dead Online today and in the weeks to come. Try and spot all of the cougars and foxes and boars, wolves, bears, bison, elk, and more. That's not to mention all of the new weapons, Advanced Camera, Freemode Events, and the also-announced Outlaw Pass No. 3, which can net you up to 40 Gold Bars, mods to your weapons, new outfits, Camp Upgrades, and more.

Learn more about "The Naturalist" via the Rockstar Newswire. You can also get a quick synopsis (and some photos) below.

Track, hunt and study the wonders of the animal kingdom in Red Dead Online’s latest Frontier Pursuit, The Naturalist. Explore diverse locales, encounter majestic new Legendary Animals, and forge your own path as you choose whether to use these findings to learn new skills or bolster your resources and material gains.

Accomplished conservationist Harriet Davenport is looking for adventurers to help her track down specimens and further her extensive knowledge of the animals of the five states. At odds with Harriet’s mission is retired big game hunter Gus Macmillan, who will compensate you handsomely for your hunting skills.

Using the Legendary Animal Map as a guide, you’ll learn the locations of these distinctive creatures – ultimately deciding whether to obtain samples for Harriet and earn precious rewards, or poach them and have Gus turn their hides into ostentatious apparel for your wardrobe.

Plus, a new Advanced Camera, new animal-based Free Roam Events, new weapons, over 250 fixes, balancing adjustments, and general improvements to Red Dead Online - and much, much more including additional gameplay updates in the weeks ahead.