Every morning, men around the world go through a pretty similar routine. They wake up, brush their teeth, splash a little water on their faces, and take a look at the man in the mirror. For some, they might see a clean-shaven face that’s confident and ready to conquer the world staring back. For others, it may be a burly beard or a well-groomed goatee that reflects their personality. And for a few, it could be a face full of stubble due to a long week full of stress. In line with that wide array of facial hair choices, The Art of Shaving is linking with barbers across the country and finding out what they and their clients see when they look into the mirror.

The upkeep brand began their mission by tapping six barbers to show men how creativity, connection, and growth go down in the barber chair, beginning with Master Barber Brian “Goose” Davis. The men's luxury grooming brand set up shop inside a Los Angeles gallery earlier this year, and candidly spoke with three men about their lives while providing a proper shave in front of a captive audience. Throughout the process, Goose not only showcased his skills as a barber but also his role as a part-time therapist and friend to anyone who sits in his chair.

As each man shared a very different story about their life, Goose asked them to look in the mirror and tell him what legacy they want to leave behind. Check out the video below to see the range of answers and a sneak peek at The Art of Shaving's activation. Maybe it'll inspire you to ask yourself what you see when you look in the mirror.