Attack The Block, the 2011 sci-fi comedy, could be getting a sequel. 

The Brit-flick's director, Joe Cornish, was recently a guest on the Script Apart podcast, where he said that he was in talks with lead character and Star Wars star John Boyega about doing a Part 2. 

"We've got ideas," he said. "I met with John a couple of months ago to talk about it. We've always had ideas after the first one, but obviously we've both been busy doing different things."

Boyega then took to Twitter to say that he'll "need the whole of London for an army on this one."

Led by Boyega's character, Moses, Attack The Block saw a group of young friends from a London estate go on a mission to protect their block from aliens that arrived on earth and wanted to take over. The prospect of an Attack The Block sequel has got all avid fans shaking in their boots with excitement; only time will tell if the dreams of a second film are really made true.