Last month, it was finally confirmed that the mythical "Snyder Cut" of Justice League is very much real, and it will be coming to HBO Max in 2021. The streaming service made the announcement, and Zack Snyder made it clear shortly after that fans will be getting what they've been clamoring for. While work continues on the project, which will reportedly include new FX shots, Jason Momoa has offered a brief first look.

Alongside a clip shared on his Instagram, Momoa wrote, "The best part about being Aquaman is that Zack Snyder created me so I get to see all this awesome shit before anyone." Tagging the post with the hashtag that raised fan awareness of the Snyder Cut, Momoa added, "Here's a first ever peek at Zack Snyder's Justice League." 

The teaser doesn't reveal too much, showing Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman as she appears to discover Darkseid. Snyder also shared the clip on Twitter, telling fans to "get ready for more at DC FanDome." The virtual event will be streamed live on Aug. 22, promising further DC-oriented announcements. 

The theatrical version of Justice League, which arrived in 2017, was completed during post-production by Joss Whedon. The finished product included a significant amount of reshoots done without Snyder present, and added a healthy dose of humor. It was met with mixed reviews and grossed over $650 million on a hefty budget of $300 million.

As soon as fans caught a whiff of Snyder's cut of the film, which promises to be darker and have a heavier tone than the theatrical edition, a campaign was launched to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Clearly HBO Max and Snyder heard the pleas, and the entire cast, including Ben Affleck, have expressed their desire to see it released. The Snyder Cut still doesn't have a more specific release date, but it seems like more information could be on the way soon.

See what fans had to say about the newly released clip below.