Kylie Jenner isn't fucking around when it comes to trademarks related to the name of her and Travis Scott's daughter.

Per legal documents viewed and excerpted by TMZ, Jenner is reportedly taking aim at the Business Moves Consulting company for filing to trademark Stormi Couture one month after the birth of her daughter Stormi Webster. Previously, Jenner was met with legal action related to her own Stormi-related trademarks from Business Moves, who claimed at the time that consumers may get confused due to their filing of a potential trademark for the Stormi Couture variant.

Now, according to the latest report, Jenner has requested that the trademark office cancel the Stormi Couture trademark. She claims that the company was downright "fraudulent" in the application, arguing that it was only filed in an effort to make money off Stormi’s name.

"The Stormi name is well known, and uniquely and unmistakably is associated with Stormi Webster," Jenner says in the associated legal documents, which also see her pointing to similar moves by the company in the past, including one trademark incident involving DJ Khaled.