In a new interview with The Sun, Steven Spielberg's daughter, Mikaela Spielberg, claims that her parents are not ashamed of her career decision, and that they were kind of expecting her to go into the "outsider art" or "taboo art" field. Reports came out last month that Mikaela was embarking on a career in porn.

What she is now saying, of course, comes in stark contrast to more recent reports that the super-acclaimed director and his wife, Kate Capshaw, are embarrassed of her decision, and that their accepting attitudes towards the development are just a facade for the public. 

“My parents — despite what people have written — aren’t embarrassed, they were actually kind of expecting it to be my career,” Mikaela said. “Some sort of outsider art… or taboo art, because they’ve always known that I was a little bit neurotic.”

She further said she didn't seek their approval prior to making her decision. And, even if they didn't consent to it, she probably would've done it anyway.

“They’ve always known that whatever I wanted to do in life I probably was going to do it whether they liked it or not," she said. “So it kind of felt like a little bit of a relief. It was like they were preparing themselves to get the news for this and they’re not sad for me and my choice of career.”

The 24-year-old, who was arrested over an alleged domestic violence incident, which also happened last month, claims people shouldn't be "sad" for her parents either. 

"I'm not sad for them. People shouldn't be sad for them," she said. "That's the one big thing - people are like, 'I feel sorry for your parents'. Nobody here is a victim."

In keeping with that theme, she said some comments from her father's fans have made up the negative feedback she's gotten since her announcement was made public. Contrary to what one might think, she also says 90 percent of messages sent her way have been positive. That leaves the other 10 percent.

"Then there's people who were like, 'You're embarrassing your father.' I'm like, 'You've never spoken to him. How would you know that? There's no way you could know that.'...I have had problems with my dad's fan base. Those are the scariest, in my opinion - just toxic energy," she said.

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