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What a terrible week to be an avid movie and TV lover; COVID19 has practically brought the Hollywood machine to a standstill. From Tom Hanks(!) catching coronavirus to a few of 2020's highly anticipated movies (No Time To Die and Fast 9) being delayed for months, it's hard to get hype over...well, anything. That said, three of the four selections this week are things you can watch at home, so while everyone is forced to stay indoors so they don't fall victim to the pandemic, you can at least be entertained.

Not only are we finally done with The Outsider (a blessing?), we're just getting started with AMC's Better Call Saul (a show you should be binging TF out of to catch up if you fell off). And while this week's movie selection probably won't make our Best Movies of 2020 list, they are fun, and one of them got thrown on Hulu a week early! You legit have no excuse.

You know the routine; scroll down for our picks for best movies and TV shows of the week, then plan accordingly.