Avid Netflix users know that when you’re browsing the home page and land on a title, the streaming service will autoplay film and show trailers.

While the feature can be useful, it can also be slightly annoying—and there was a time when you couldn’t turn it off. Now, Netflix has made the autoplay preview optional. Turning off autoplay is pretty easy, too.

After you sign in to your Netflix account on your web browser, navigate to Manage Profiles from the dropdown menu. Then choose the profile you’d like to update. You’ll be able to check or uncheck two options underneath autoplay controls: the first says, “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices,” and the second says, “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.”

As mentioned above, this page also allows you to turn off autoplay on TV shows episodes. Usually, when you get to the end of an episode, Netflix automatically plays the next episode before the credits finish rolling. If you uncheck the box, then you’ll have to manually start each episode.

In other Netflix news, Drake announced that a new season of Top Boy would arrive in 2020. Last year, the British drama made a glorious return to the platform, six years after it was chopped from the UK network Channel 4 and two years after its revival was confirmed. The original announcement confirmed two series of 10 episodes would arrive via Netflix, which Drake verified on GRM Daily’s Instagram. 

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