Netflix has added a new feature that will show users the most popular TV shows and movies on the streaming service.

The top 10 lists will include the 10 most-watched daily titles on Netflix. In a blog post, the company said it had been testing the lists in Mexico and the U.K. for the last six months or so. “Members in both countries have found them useful, so we are now rolling them out to even more,” wrote Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation.

The lists launched on Monday, and have their own rows on the Movies and TV tabs, Deadline reports. While Netflix is known to be particularly secretive about its viewer data—and didn’t share specifics on how it’s calculating the viewer totals—the platform has now said that the lists will be brought up to date every day, with the position of the row moving based on how pertinent they are to the subscriber.

Movie and TV shows will be marked with a “Top 10” badge, designating their ranking, which will also appear when clicking on the individual pages. However, at the time of this writing, the alleged overall top 10 list wasn’t available on the main browsing page, even when scrolling to the bottom.

The top 10 will help users “easily see what’s in the zeitgeist, whether you’re browsing by genre or through your personal list—or when searching for specific shows or films,” Johnson wrote.

“When you watch a great movie or TV show, you share it with family and friends, or talk about it at work, so other people can enjoy it too,” he wrote. “We hope these top 10 lists will help create more of these shared moments, while also helping all of us find something to watch more quickly and easily.”

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