J.J. Watt showed off his comedic skills on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, which peeked with a hilarious sketch that imagined how the deleted scenes from Frozen 2 would look by confronting some of the holes in the film's story. First, they wondered why Elsa didn't have a relationship like Anna had with Kristoff, which led to Elsa (Kate McKinnon) and Anna (Cecily Strong) belting out a ballad about the character being gay.

They also skewered "woke" culture by commenting on the franchise's whitewashing controversy. Disney received backlash following the first Frozen from people claiming that the film did not include any black characters. To appease the critics, the studio developed the character Mattias—who is a black lieutenant in the royal guard. But because of the film's setting and time period, Mattias' place in the film felt odd to some, and Kenan Thompson played it to perfection. Watch the sketch above.

And while Watt's Texans were eliminated by the Kansas City Chiefs, football was still on his mind with the Super Bowl LIV just around the corner. During his opening monologue, Watt made it clear that he'd rather be in Miami than doing comedy in New York City. 

"Would I really trade hosting SNL for the Super Bowl? ... Yes, I definitely would," Watt joked. 

Watt also joked about his athletic family. Both of Watt's brothers, T.J. and Derek, play in the NFL. But according to J.J., that wasn't good enough.

"My mom really wanted to try for a kicker, you know, someone she could dress up and buy cute clothes for," he said. 

While the episode was full of laughs, this was also the first SNL since Kobe Bryant's passing. Watt and other cast members decided to honor Bryant's legacy by wearing his Kobe shirts and jersey while closing the show. Watt then balled up a piece of paper and shot a fade-away in reference to Bryant.