In a week that featured us sharing what we learned in London about No Time to Die, the fun we had watching Birds of Prey, and giving you a look at the best films NOT nominated for Oscars at the 92nd Academy Awards, it's kind of wild that there's still dope content to talk about. We might be stuck in the doldrums of February, but there are some (uncut) gems out there waiting to be discovered. No, we won't be talking about Uncut Gems in this post.

Actually, this feature won't even talk about movies; it's an all-TV party over here. From the latest in Larry David's solid Season 10 to Cynthia Erivo going in on The Outsider to USA's new Rosario Dawson-led series Briarpatch, we've got the TV you should've been checking for covered.

You know what to do; follow along for our reasons WHY you should be up on these shows, then get up on these shows. Simple.

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