Saada Ahmed can’t help but join in on the commotion when the voices on the other side of her phone line erupt in a swirl of shock, disbelief, and laughter. The 32-year-old entrepreneur is in L.A. juggling the tedium of unpacking boxes from a cross-country move with a phone interview, and she’s just told a mixed party of listeners a truth even her own manager didn’t know. “I'm an only child, which is very rare for someone who’s African,” she begins. “But I've got 60 first cousins on my mother's side. [My family] got busy.” Aside from detailing her robust family tree, Ahmed uses our time to talk about her other family: Everyday People

Founded in 2012, Everyday People is one of the most well-known gatherings for party people from within the African diaspora and those who appreciate its culture. The intimate brunch series turned global party platform has hosted events in most of the major U.S. cities, as well as in South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and soon, Brazil.