Amid the well-earned Uncut Gems global chatter, Adam Sandler's Twitter was temporarily compromised, with several reports linking the hack with a similar breach of Mariah Carey's official account days earlier.

First, Carey's Twitter was hacked by the group Chuckling Squad, which has previously been linked to a breach of Twitter boss Jack Dorsey. According to Variety, the references in hacked Sandler tweets to a handle cited as @iNuBLoM suggest a connection between these two latest incidents.

The hacked Sandler tweets and retweets also included derogatory references to President Barack Obama, as well as mentions of ASAP Ferg and Trump. As of Friday morning, Sandler's account had been restored, with the most recent tweet being an understandably celebratory one regarding Uncut Gems' continued wave of critical acclaim:

In November, an alleged Chuckling Squad member was arrested, with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office telling Vice in a statement at the time that the arrest "serves as a reminder to the public that people who engage in these crimes will be caught, arrested, and prosecuted."

During the group's previous alleged hacking of Dorsey's account, Chuckling is said to have used a SIM-swapping technique to gain entry. The hacked Dorsey tweets and retweets included bomb threats, racist comments, and more. 

Overall, 2019 proved plenty eventful for news of the hacking variety, with additional headlines made with a massive Equifax breach and the hacking of Offset's Instagram account. For the latter, the breach was a mattery of email security.