Director: Jonah Hill
Release Date: October 19, 2018

Looking back at the evolution of Jonah Hill’s career, his decision to align with A24 for his directing debut was the only one to be made. All signs pointed to this partnership, which gave Hill’s ode to his most influential years the proper support and marketing it deserved. Having built this film from scratch, Hill’s perspective of the '90s exudes the blunt, defiant attitudes anyone familiar with skate culture can easily identify. 

Mid90s carries the same aimless ambitions of the group of LA skate punks it centers on, often weaving from one misguided adventure to the next. It boasts weighty performances from its lead Sunny Suljic and promising newcomer Na-Kel Smith that gives this rambunctious outing a surprising amount of heart. Wearing the fleeting views and norms of the '90s on its sleeve, Mid90s is an earnest time capsule from one of Hollywood’s most consistent and gifted talents.