A Kim Kardashian "source," per a report from a sources-stacked provider of such things, has responded to the controversy kicked off by a recent magazine cover.

The cover for the new edition of 7Hollywood magazine was criticized by some as being an example of "blackface," an assessment Kardashian—at least according to a "source close to" her quoted in a Page Six piece—has rejected.

"It's the lighting that makes her look darker in this specific image," the Six source explained. "There are multiple covers and images from this shoot where the lighting looks more natural. People are so quick to find the negative in everything and also often forget that she is of Armenian descent."

See the cover, which is part of a larger series of covers for the publication's latest issue, below:

The magazine, thus far, has not commented on any of this.

Kardashian's December has also included word that she was reportedly suing an Alabama area doctor for using her image to promote vampire facial services without her permission, as well as her rebuke of rumors that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were engaged.

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