Streaming providers' decision to devalue credits by making them near-unreadable in favor of teasing the next episode when a user is mid-binge is, to be certain, extremely fucked.

BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg agrees, having taken Netflix and Amazon to task for the practice.

In response to similar criticism from Steven Van Zandt, Raphael wondered aloud if there are options left for those who still give credits their proper space.

"Would love to make a show for a network that doesn't do this. If you work at one, let's talk," he said. "A show represents the cumulative tireless work of hundreds of creative artists who dream of one day having their names shrunk into a tiny box and then cut off abruptly by a trailer for The Witcher."

Raphael also specifically mentioned the use of this annoyance on Amazon's Undone, which he co-created with Kate Purdy:

Previously, he rightfully criticized Netflix for seemingly backing off their once-purported mission of taking chances on unique shows and giving them time to hone in on an audience.

Part 2 of the sixth (and unfortunately final) season of BoJack Horseman hits Netflix on Jan. 31.

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