Network: Netflix
Airdate: July 22, 2016
Standout episodes: "Fish Out of Water," "Stop the Presses," "Best Thing That Ever Happened"

BoJack is like the animated answer to Mad Men. Each season is just a deeper, darker dive into our hero's blackened soul as the ensemble around him slips into a near-equal state of depression and despair. It also, much like Mad Men, treats form and convention like challenges to overcome for the sake of executing these themes in ways we've never seen before.

Season 3 contains what's widely considered one of the show's best episodes as BoJack embarks on an odyssey in a near-wordless episode set entirely underwater. It's also arguably the bleakest pre-rock bottom (which is definitively season 5) nadir for the has-been ornery horse yet, as he faces the realization that the pinnacle of material success does absolutely nothing to fill his emotional void. I hope next month's series finale offers an ending as emotionally affecting as BoJack in the desert here.—Frazier