When Disney+ released earlier this month, subscribers couldn't help be notice that one Disney Channel staple was missing from its line up. But during her appearance on GMA3, Jo Marie Payton—who voiced Suga Mama on The Proud Family—revealed that the series will be reworked for the streaming service.

Payton confirmed that new episodes of The Proud Family would be coming to Disney+ in February 2020. 

"Yeah, Suga’s large and in charge," Payton told the show's co-host Keke Palmer. "That’s all I’ve got to say—except for Suga Mama will be doing some new episodes come February."

This was the first The Proud Family-related announcement on a Disney-owned network. Yet, the voice of Oscar Proud, Tommy Davidson, told WhereIsTheBuzzTV in August that a revival of the show was in the works. 

The Proud Family first premiered on Disney in 2001. It had three seasons on the network before ending in 2005. The show generated a cult-like following while it was on-air. The cartoon boasted guest stars like Gabrielle Union, Kobe Bryant, and Mariah Carey. Also, the theme song was provided by Destiny's Child and a young Solange. This combined with the fact it followed the adventures of an African-American family helped make the cartoon one of Disney Channel's most popular shows.