The 50 Best Celebrity Tweets of All Time

Our view of Twitter has changed tremendously since its inception in 2006. What was once seen as a weird new microblogging platform for people who wanted to feel important has now become many people's main source for news, entertainment, and life updates. As more and more celebrities, politicians, and other public figures have flocked to the platform, it's become a hotbed of content. 

These days, most celebrity tweets are made iconic by what the internet chooses to do with them, whether that be a continuation of a joke, a roast, or some other form of connection. Still, though, there are a select few gems that stand out all on their own. Without further ado, these are the 50 best celebrity tweets of all time.

51. Kim Kardashian's new discovery

In this tweet, Kim Kardashian asks if a cucumber is a pickle
Image via Twitter

Oh, come on. We all experienced this at some point in our lives. Maybe you're experiencing it right now!

50. Carpe Z-em

Zayn Malik tweet in which he talks about seizing the day then encourages fans to buy his album
Image via Twitter

What is celebrity culture, if not disguising shameless self-promotion as something deep and meaningful?

49. The “u up?” tweet

Image via Twitter

Aubrey Plaza's Twitter is full of erratic nonsense, but this message was loud and clear. 8:28 p.m. is a little early for a “u up?” tweet, but we don't blame her.

48. Inspired by ‘Anchorman’?

Justin Bieber tweet: "i love arm"
Image via Twitter

This one says so much while saying so little.

47. How is this still a thing?

Freddie Gibbs tweet warning people not to do blackface on Halloween
Image via Twitter


46. Bagelgate 2018

Ice T tweet: "Lol. I've never eaten a Bagel in my life..."
Image via Twitter

Ice T's tweets are generally incredible (and underrated), but he sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy with this one.

45. Khem Trails

Kylie Jenner tweet with a graphic about the chem trails conspiracy
Image via Twitter

Kylie apparently spent a lot of time on Reddit in 2015.

44. Some things never change

Nicki Minaj tweet: "ok boys, what's your ball size?"
Image via Twitter

Proof that Nicki has always been provocative.

43. Savage krop

Kim Kardashian tweet after cropping daughter North, out of a photo. North's eyes were closed
Image via Twitter

Honestly? Kim cropping her first born daughter out of a photo (and then doubling down on her decision to do so) was, and still is, brave.