Over the summer, it was announced that Kenya Barris would be producing a series from the sketch and improv comedy group Astronomy Club for Netflix; the six-episode series will be similar to their Comedy Central digital series, but with more funny packed into each half-hour episode. The series debuts on December 6, 2019.

Today, we got our first look at the series, a sketch that takes a look at the "magical negro" trope found in many movies, found everywhere from The Legend of Bagger Vance to The Green Mile. In this instance, though, the Magical Negroes have set up their own Rehab group, giving everyone from Oda Mae Brown to Hoke Colburn a place to get the kind of help only magical negroes need. Truth be told, this is a perfect example of the way Astronomy Club will be sending up pop culture and social issues.

Fans of the Seriously.TV series Projecting should remember some of the members of this squad; by the time the series hits Netflix in December, you'll be fans of the entire squad. Check out the full sketch up above.