On Tuesday’s (Oct. 8) episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks are joined by Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. The EDS crew and the ‘OOOUUU” rapper kick off the show discussing M.A’s debut album ‘Herstory in the Making,’ and why her album took so long to release. Soon after, M.A opens up about the grind of an independent artist in comparison to someone who is signed to a major label. Afterwards, the EDS trio and Young M.A share their thoughts on a recent Russ Tweet, where he highlights if artists should consider becoming well-known in their hometown first before reaching a larger audience. Later in the show, Young M.A reveals why she no longer promotes Hennessy in her music or brand, and then speaks on rappers maintaining their individuality in a social media-driven world. Soon after, Young M.A shares her top favorite rappers of all time and speaks on the industry constantly comparing female artists against each. To close out the show, Young M.A weighs in on the effects of social media in relation to reality and how she only sees it as being apart of the job.