But these two aren’t the only characters in this week’s ep whose origins are on full display: despite not being seen, Doctor Manhattan’s presence hangs over the episode like the giant blue being he can often become. This week on Veidt(?) Watch: The Jeremy Irons interlude involves the full production of “The Watchmaker’s Son,” a shockingly violent and fatal, yet very true story of how the ordinary Jon Osterman became a walking nuclear weapon.

In a somewhat surprising twist, we realize that Mister Phillips is just one of a series of male clones that Not-Veidt (but c'mon, he's Veidt) has made—a move befitting of a man who even all these years later, continues to fancy himself a God among men. Veidt’s obsession with power naturally might lead him to spend time crafting a tale about the other most powerful being in the world, but the specific whys and wherefores as to he’s decided to tell this particular tale are still largely unknown. However, the more practical purpose of this is to give the audience a reminder of Manhattan’s origins ahead of his inevitable reappearance.