Star Wars continues to be cemented in every aspect of pop culture.

The Oxford English Dictionary released its list of new words for the month of October. The list is highlighted by a host of informal slang words including key pieces from the Star Wars film franchise. First, the word "Force" gets a refurbished definition that relates to Star Wars. "With the and chiefly with capital initial. In the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a mystical universal energy field," the new description reads. 

The dictionary also added important Star Wars nouns to their list of words. A "Jedi" is defined as "a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power of the Force" while a "Padawan" is described as "an apprentice Jedi." Of course, it couldn't add "Jedi" and "Padawan" without explaining their weapon of choice. 

The Oxford English Dictionary denotes that a "lightsabre" is "a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of light in place of a blade."

The addition of these words led the dictionary to tack on another definition to the term "Mind Trick." It now has "see also Jedi" in reference to the popular "Jedi Mind Trick.

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