It takes the right kind of conversation to uncover how connected we all are; neither race, color, creed, or geography can separate us from that fact. This fall, Wild Turkey’s Creative Director Matthew McConaughey will put this mantra to the test with a new four-part series that combines cultural anthropology with dynamic storytelling. 

“Talk Turkey” features the Academy Award-winning actor and producer having relevant and timely conversations with cultural leaders who are constantly creating and challenging norms while remaining authentic to who they are. Throughout the social-first series, viewers will learn more about the world as McConaughey connects with the likes of Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira; motivational speaker and explorer/author Dan Buettner; Compton gang-members turned cooking entrepreneurs Trap Kitchen; and Australian wilderness sustainable housing creators Unyoked. 

In addition to “Talk Turkey,” which will run exclusively across Complex’s social platforms, McConaughey will narrate “The Spirit of Conviction,” a series of longer form documentaries on each of the subjects featured in his one-on-one dialogues that will launch on YouTube. With themes of redemption, female empowerment, self help, and reconnecting with the outdoors grounding each episode, the series will further propel the authentic story of these inspiring individuals as they bring their unwavering conviction to life. Through this discourse, people will find human commonalities that allow them to see that civil discussion is the key to a better understanding of oneself, and the world. 

“Talk Turkey” and “The Spirit of Conviction” will both premiere Friday, October 11.