Marvel has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that the company lifted the theme song for its '90s X-Men animated series from a successful Hungarian cop show. TMZ reports that Zoltan Krisko is suing on behalf of composer Gyorgy Vukan, who did the theme for Linda in the '80s.

Krisko is suing just about everyone who has ever been involved with the X-Men brand in any way, from the obvious places like Marvel/Disney/Fox to platforms like Amazon and Apple. Krisko said Marvel would have been familiar with the theme, as it worked around Hungarian film industry types at the time. Krisko claims he only became aware of the ripoff two years ago. He's seeking a percentage of all of the profits that have been made off the X-Men brand since the time the company allegedly nicked the theme. 

Giving both songs a listen, it's hard to argue they don't sound similar. However, the sheer amount of X-Men profits Krisko's attributing to the theme might cause a judge to balk. 

Give both tracks a listen below and decide for yourself if Marvel pulled off a swindle.

X-Men: The Animated Series has been a topic of discussion recently, for the first time since it ended in 1997. Comic Book points out that the show is expected to be part of the Disney+ library and adds that talks of a new season aren't entirely off the table. Showrunner Eric Lewald shared his vision for a sixth season back in 2017.