They say that life imitates art, but sometimes it’s really the other way around—at least that’s the case for Nick Jarvis. Working in partnership with Mike’s® HARDER to promote the brand’s “Dude, That’s Sweet” campaign, the New York-based visual artist recently teamed up with DJ/producer Chase B to create an online video game. Dubbed Balance Harder, the interactive game is the product of their shared vision with Jarvis creating all of the illustrations and Chase crafting the soundtrack.

The premise of Balance Harder is simple yet fun. Playable on both mobile and desktop, the game challenges consumers to stack a mix of unexpected items—including a Mike’s® HARDER can—on a speaker table to earn points. The higher and faster you stack items the more challenging the game becomes.

In addition to the game, which will be available exclusively on Complex, Chase and Jarvis will be featured in a comic book-stylized video feature that gives the backstory on how their collaboration came together. Be sure to check out Balance Harder and the video when they both drop on October 18th.