Fresh off the purchase of their $14 million ranch in Wyoming, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have already gotten themselves into a little trouble. As TMZ reports, the married couple have received a warning from local authorities after Kim posted a video of Ye chasing antelopes across their private land on an ATV. 

Kim shared the video on her Instagram Story, and she can even be heard yelling, "I think you're scaring them." A spokesperson for the Wyoming Game & Fish department has explained that state laws prohibit the harassment of wildlife. The department was alerted to the video, and upon inspection they paid a visit to the manager of the new ranch to make it clear that this shouldn't happen again.

A source familiar with the couple have claimed that they didn't intend to chase off the antelopes, and they merely appeared as they were driving along and the two have only received a warning this time around. There's no investigation right now, but if one is to be launched they will receive a citation and possibly a $435 fine. 

During a recent appearance on Fallon, Kim talked about her experience when the family visited the Wyoming ranch for the first time. "He took me to go see it for the first time, like, maybe a week ago, before he bought it, wanted my opinion," she said. "So it's like, you know, 5,000 acres or something, so we're driving, driving, driving up. We brought three of the kids. We go up to this cabin at the top. No electricity. iPads died. So, there's now no lights. I'm scared to death that a bear or something's gonna come." 

Though the Wyoming property, which is called Monster Lake Ranch, was listed for $14 million it's unclear exactly how much Kanye actually purchased it for.