"Gus was kind enough to send me over the rushes of that picture you were in about the forest fires or whatever."

This was another one of those “Holy shit” moments that I’ll never forget reacting to in real time. For years, Vince had said how he’d love to be in a Scorsese movie (well I guess Drama did too but he wants to be in every director’s movie.) At the end of a season where Vince just couldn’t seem to get it together, Marty parachuting in from whatever rooftop he was standing on might have felt a little too convenient, but that didn’t make it any less awesome. 

You can’t deny the kind of star power Scorsese has, even as somebody who’s never been much of an onscreen presence. And he comes along at the end of a season that was sorely lacking major celebrity wattage. Vince gets invited to be the lead in Scorcese’s Gatsby, all's right within the Entourage universe and we’re treated to another iconic shot of the boys walking down Hollywood Boulevard, back on top again and turning heads as they go.