Eight years ago today, our beloved boys from Queens went off the air for the final time. Through 96 episodes and a movie, we vicariously lived through Vince, E, Drama and Turtle as they conquered Hollywood in Entourage, HBO's ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy show. While there were some admittedly forgettable episodes of Entourage, nobody can forget the characters, the cars and the cameos. So in honor of the eight year anniversary of Entourage’s series finale, Complex endeavored to rank every celebrity cameo from every single episode of the show. All 121 of them. To do so we enlisted the only person we could entrust to such a task, JR Hickey the genius behind Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast, where he breaks down a new episode of the show with a different guest every Monday morning (he’s about halfway through Season 3 at the moment if you want to tune in.)

Some rules: First, JR is only focusing on the show itself and leaving Entourage (the movie) out of it (there might have been 121 cameos in the film alone). Most crucially, he’s also sticking to true cameos: celebrities who played themselves or a bit part for a non-recurring appearance in the show. So anybody who came on and had a major character arc throughout a season was ruled out. Sorry Mandy, Dice and Seth Green.

Without further ado, let’s dive in. Oh yeah!