Comic book fans have always dreamed of potential fights between disparate characters, propositioning hypothetical match-ups with no clear winners. Pitting the strongest characters across DC and Marvel, whether they be villains or heroes, is particularly appealing to fans. One Twitter user went through a list of fights they'd love to see between the publishing houses, and when they threw out the idea of a Thanos vs. Darkseid battle, comic book fans immediately started to debate who would come out on top.

In the thread of potential fights, which included suggestions for fights that ranged from the Justice League vs. the Avengers and the Joker vs. the Green Goblin, the Thanos and Darkseid idea stood out. The two villains are among the most powerful in their respective universes, and as such people started to argue who would be the winner. To make it more interesting, it was proposed the fight would go down without the infinity stones involved, severely nerfing Thanos.

Some fans chose to back Thanos, highlighting his prior victories while also showing how Darkseid was bested by a small set of stairs.

While others theorized that even with all the infinity stones, Thanos would be defeated. However, it is worth pointing out that if he had all the infinity stones, he could just snap Darkseid away.

Of course, the two have actually fought before in a previous DC/Marvel crossover comic, and Darkseid won.

Vince Staples, meanwhile, also got in on the conversation by suggesting a fight between a completely different character and Thanos. Instead of Darkseid, Staples suggested that Katsuki Bakugo from anime series My Hero Academia could beat Thanos. "Bakugo would've whooped Thanos out but y'all not ready for that conversation," he tweeted. "We've seen Thanos get his shit fired up multiple times, Bakugo has neva' lost he's a big baller."