Not content to let a bit of a bummer week get in the way of some good business, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige took the stage at Disney’s biennial D23 expo this weekend to further outline plans for the MCU’s Phase 4 and beyond. While we were left to speculate just what they had left to talk about after a barn burner presentation at Comic-Con, turns out there were still plenty of surprises left in the tank. In short, the future of Marvel will be even more tied to Disney+ than we thought, as three new series that will span into 2022 (!) were unveiled, bringing the total up to nine series on the streaming platform. Additionally, we got just a bit more context on the upcoming and previously announced movies and series, including some truly surprising cast additions for WandaVision, The Eternals, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Let's break it all down and speculate about what’s to come.