On Aug. 9, NYC-based film company Bleecker Street will release Brian Banks, a biopic that details the story of football player Brian Banks. A promising talent in high school, Banks was set to attend USC on a full-ride scholarship before having his life and career derailed when he was falsely accused of rape. The film highlights Banks' struggle for freedom (he spent five years in prison before being exonerated), his perseverance, and issues that are still affecting our justice system.

Along with a justice reform panel at ComplexCon Chicago that included Brian Banks, DeRay Mckesson, and Johnetta "Netta" Elzie, Complex News' Pierce Simpson also sat down with Banks to discuss his story and what he wants people to learn. "Being able to share my story and to share the stories of others who have experienced similar situations... that was really the point of me wanting to do this film," he explained. "To inspire people, to make people aware of flaws within our system."

Check out Banks' full conversation up top and the trailer for Brian Banks below.