Allen Hughes' 2Pac docuseries is headed to FX.

The cable network announced the news at the TCA summer press tour on Tuesday, months after Hughes confirmed his involvement with the project. According to Deadline, the series, titled Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur, will center on the late legendary rapper as well as his mother, activist Afeni Shakur.

Outlaw is described as "an intimate wide-angle portrait of the most inspiring and dangerous mother-son duo in American history, whose unified message of freedom, equality, persecution, and justice are more relevant today than ever."

Hughes, the director of HBO's The Defiant Ones, worked with the Tupac Shakur Estate to complete the five-part series. The director was granted access to Pac's writing and catalog of released and unreleased music, marking the first time the estate has co-signed such a comprehensive project.

Hughes spoke about his relationship with the Tupac Shakur Estate in 2018, when he addressed the trustees' concerns over Pac's depiction in The Defiant Ones

"The Tupac Estate was—and I know them, they’re all old friends—but there was some stuff with him at the gun range that they were precious about," Hughes told the Wrap. "My original cut is not the way it [eventually aired]. The family and the estate were really sensitive about taking things out of context when it came to weapons in his hands, you know? He was at a shooting range and it was pretty explosive in the original cut, and they were very, very, very adamant that we not do it that way."

Stay tuned as more details about Outlaw become available.