It: Chapter Two, arguably the only movie that matters for the rest of 2019, added to its online assortment of pre-release hype Thursday with the unveiling of a new trailer.

This is indeed the same trailer that profoundly fortunate ScareDiego attendees got an early glimpse of on Wednesday, complete with a panel discussion handled by Conan O'Brien.

Author Stephen King, who once again has multiple adaptations on the cinematic agenda in 2019, also got an early screening of the trailer. By his assessment, "it's really cool."

"For 27 years, I dreamt of you, I craved you, I've missed you," a familiar voice tells us in what's mysteriously being billed as the "final trailer" for the presumed superhit.

Speaking on the cast he assembled to portray the adult-ier renditions of the Losers' Club, director Andy Muschietti said a number of those who ended up in the sequel to the highest-grossing horror film ever. "I was very lucky that I got everyone I wanted to play in the movie…. Half the cast was pre-thought about," Muschietti said during Wednesday's event that I definitely should have been in the front row for, per THR. "And the rest auditioned."

The sequel notably includes a sequence centered on Jessica Chastain (playing the adult Beverly Marsh) in which a whopping 4,500 gallons of fake blood were used.

Catch the new trailer for It: Chapter Two, a presumed classic that resulted in a bout of tendonitis for James McAvoy, up top. The trailer notably provides further confirmation that (possible spoilers ahead for those not into reading classic books) a certain sequence involving a homophobic attack on character Adrian Mellon, a scene famously not included in the miniseries adaptation of King's story, will be included. 

And if you're not stoked out of your goddamn mind about the Sept. 6 release date, then I don't know what to think about you or what you're doing with your life.