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Tracy Morgan's very good day turned horrible in less than half an hour. According to TMZ, the comedian got his new Bugatti sideswiped just 15 minutes after driving it off the lot. 

The accident happened on Tuesday afternoon in New York City. As seen in footage captured by witnesses, Morgan's luxury sports car was hit by a man driving a Honda CR-V. Per reports, the man driving the Honda tried to turn right at the last second and crashed into Morgan's vehicle. Moments later, police arrived on the scene to speak to the parties involved and discern who was at fault.

TMZ reports that law enforcement sources say they witnessed the accident, and as Morgan was about to make a legal turn, the other driver crashed into him. The man driving the Honda CR-V did not have the right of way, indicating that the comedian was not at fault for the accident. Morgan was seen by emergency responders after stating that he was experiencing pain. 

Morgan's 2012 Bugatti retails at close to $2 million while a Honda CR-V is worth about $25,000. This means—depending on his coverage—the driver of the CR-V could be having some tough conversations with his insurance company in the near future. Yet there is a glimmer of hope for the man as pictures show minimal damage to Morgan's car. 

When it was reported that Morgan was in a car accident, fans immediately called back to his 2014 highway accident. As a result, Morgan took to social media to inform people that he's okay.