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ITV2's Love Island aired the first episode from its fifth season last night—and it already promises to be amok with drama and tension.

The opening hour saw the entry of seven men and five women to the sun-soaked villa—including heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury's brother, Tommy Fury. Love Island producers have also vowed to be more diverse in their casting this year, with new entries into the villa sure to come soon.

Naturally, social media commentary was in full force during the airing of the first episode, with some people rushing to create the first memes of the new season, and others airing their own disgust in revelling in the gossip.

Rushed home in time to start this #LoveIsland journey. I'm happily disgusted with myself.

— Chuckie Lothian (@ChuckieOnline) June 3, 2019

Unpopular opinion: Love Island is by far the worst, cringiest, and most problematic thing I’ve seen.

— Aleesha (@a_leesha1) June 3, 2019

Please lord do not make ‘a bev’ catch on as a term for a guy, it’s a drink lmao #LoveIsland

— Nathan Henry (@NathanHGShore) June 3, 2019

2017: i WaS iN tHe BlAzInG sQuAd
2018: mY dAd Is DaNnY dYeR
2019: mY bRoThEr Is TySoN fUrY#loveisland

— James O’Grady  (@jamesogrady46) June 4, 2019

All of us are waiting for the real bombshell to rock up #LoveIsland

— poppy (@poppy08379337) June 3, 2019

Everyone: chilling out and getting on

Tommy fury entering the villa:#LoveIsland

— Gabe (@gabe_1901) June 3, 2019

No yewande slander will be tolerated at all. None! And that’s on

— Aba🌼. (@_B3NYI) June 3, 2019

“Irish accent doesn’t suit her”...I just read about Yewande. Some people with access to app are THICK👏🏾AS👏🏾SHIT. She IS Irish, why oh why I wonder doesn’t her accent “suit her” according to this dummy 🙄🙄🙄 #LoveIsland

— Clara Amfo (@claraamfo) June 3, 2019

South man ain’t claiming Sherif. A man said he’s from Gatwick.

— Tequila (@TazerBlack) June 3, 2019

*Everyone in the UK tonight* #LoveIsland

— Love Island 2019 Memes (@loveislandhub) June 3, 2019

Love Island continues tonight, 9pm, on ITV2.