This season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has given fans a behind-the-scenes look into the headlines that, for whatever reason, shook pop-culture news in the wake of their occurrence. The veil shielding Khloé Kardashian's relationship with Tristan Thompson from the public, for one, has been given additional context thanks to last night's episode of the reality show.  

Days before Khloé was expected to give birth to True Thompson, the NBA star was recorded cheating on his girlfriend with an unnamed woman in New York City. The reality star chose to stay with Thompson despite his infidelity, however, that doesn't mean the road to forgiveness was seamless.

In the latest episode of KUWTK, Khloé  has a heart-to-heart with her best friend Malika in November 2018 and opens up about her and Tristan's relationship months after she became aware of his tryst. "I know I love him, but still I'm not going to act like nothing's wrong," she said. "He counts — he's like, 'It's been seven months!' And I'm like, 'So?! It's been seven months!' I'm allowed to do things when I want to do them."

She explains to Malika that she will end things with Thompson if she feels like her energy with True is negatively affected by the lack of trust in her relationship. "It's really hard to regain trust. The energy I have towards True is all that matters to me. If that starts to be affected by me wondering, 'What's Tristan doing, where is he?' I'll be out in two fucking minutes. Nothing is worth that for me."

At the time of their conversation, Khloé did not know that the father of her child would be caught cheating again months later, with Kardashian confidant Jordyn Woods. However, despite her lack of foresight, she poses the rhetorical question of whether he believes his actions were worth ruining their relationship. "He also needs to know, 'Your one stupid weekend — or whatever you did — look what it did to three years of a relationship. You just demolished it. Was it worth it to you?