The death of physical video game media draws ever closer. Brick and mortar stores like GameStop are closing up. We no longer buy video game discs and cartridges, used or otherwise; we download our games to our consoles via high-speed wireless connections and curate digital libraries. Eventually, we'll subscribe to and stream our games from the cloud. We're already doing this with older games, via services like Nintendo Switch Online and Playstation Now.

This May, we'll get an update on brand new tech that will inch us closer to that future. There are a couple of events to mark on your calendar, especially if you're part of the growing esports community. We have a handful of major game releases to discuss, plus the monthly Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold free games.

Here is everything exciting about video games for May 2019.

Xbox Live Gold Free Video Games for May 2019 (Dates vary)

If you have an Xbox Live Gold account, you can download the following games, for free, for the month of May:

Xbox One

'Marooners' (May 1-31)

This multiplayer party game sends you and your friends through a gauntlet of different mini-games to win treasure. It's whimsical and purposefully chaotic.

'The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour' (May 16-June 15)

A golf simulator from 2K, this game lets you drive and putt on world-famous courses and compete for the FedExCup.

Xbox 360 (backwards compatible with Xbox One)

'Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon' (May 1-15)

This single player or co-op third person shooter pits you and an elite Strike Force team against a horde of killer bots and bugs.

'Comic Jumper' (May 16-31)

A beat 'em up game in the vein of Comix Zone, you play as a failed comic book superhero who jumps into and explores other comic books' worlds.

Playstation Plus Free Video Games for May 2019 (May 7)

If you have a Playstation Plus account, you can download the following PS4 games, for free, for the month of May:


This party game requires you to run a kitchen brigade. You can have up to four players, and keeping the dinner crowd happy requires excellent communication.

'What Remains of Edith Finch'

This is an adventure game that's heavy on exploration and discovery. Uncover the secrets and destruction of a cursed, ill-fated family.

Xbox One S All Digital Edition Console (May 7)

If you don't have an Xbox One and are in the market for one, you might consider the Xbox One S All Digital Edition console. It'll be exactly like the original Xbox One S, with one notable exception; it does not play disc-based media. But if you're like the increasing number of players who download or stream their content, this might not concern you. It'll retail for $250.

A New 'Forza' Game Announcement (May 7)

Scenic racer Forza Horizon 4 was one of the most beautiful games of 2018, and the free-to-play mobile game Forza Street, which came out in April 2019, whet our appetites for something more. On May 7, the Forza team will announce the first details about the newest title through their Forza Monthly presentation. They're still in the conceptual phase, which is the entire point; they're looking to collaborate with the player community. Check in and make your opinion heard.

Google I/O Conference (Google Stadia Platform) (May 7 - May 9)

Google will host its annual I/O conference this May, where among other things, they will announce additional details about the Google Stadia, the company's attempt at a high-end gaming platform, and delve deeper into the tech behind it. Stadia promises 4K, 60 fps cloud gaming on any device with a Chrome browser, which sounds too good to be true. But then again, this is Google we're talking about.

'Fortnite' Season 9 Begins (May 9?)

May 8 is the final full day of Fortnite: Season 8, which means that barring complications, May 9 would be the likely start date for Season 9. Rumors and theories are rampant, speculating on everything from a deadly Kraken to an erupting volcano. There's also rumors of Avengers: Endgame cosmetic tie-ins, which should draw even more players into this viral battle royale experience.

'NBA 2K' "The Turn" Tournament in Las Vegas (May 9 - May 11)

The NBA 2K league will host its second official esports tournament of the season at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Tickets are still available to watch the three-day event in person. Or, you can watch the games on Twitch or YouTube for free.

'A Plague Tale: Innocence' (May 14)

Here's a survival/stealth game that could be one of the year's sleeper hits. A Plague Tale: Innocence stars two children struggling to make their way across the war-torn, disease-infested landscape of 13th century Europe. Oh, and an endless horde of rats threatens to kill you at every step. Plague Tale will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

'Rage 2' (May 14)

This is the most high-profile release this month. If a video game version of Mad Max strikes your fancy, then check out Rage 2, which will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. It's an open world shooter with a post-apocalyptic vibe. You play as Walker, one of the few unlucky survivors of an asteroid hitting Earth, and you must defend yourself against vicious mutants who are out for blood. There's also a strong emphasis on vehicles; if you see it, you can drive it.

'Team Sonic Racing' (May 21)

Slated for release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows, Team Sonic Racing might remind you of Mario Kart at first glance. It is, however, cut from another cloth; the focus is on team play, a.k.a. getting yourself and your gang across the finish line, rather than individual glory. The game features a roster of 15 characters, all of whom have special abilities to give them the edge in a close race.

'Resident Evil' Remasterings (May 21)

The Nintendo Switch will receive ports of three classic games: Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4. Originally released on the GameCube, they're all exceptional titles. But Resident Evil 4 stands in a class of its own. You play as Leon Kennedy, a federal agent trying to rescue the President's daughter from a zombie cult.

'Assassin's Creed III' Remastered (May 21)

The Nintendo Switch will also receive a port of the remastered version of Assassin's Creed III, which was originally released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows in March 2019. Set in colonial America, before, during and after the Revolutionary War, the game lets you play as Ratonhnhaké:ton, a half-Mohawk Assassin who fights against the Templar Order.

'Mortal Kombat 11' Pro Kompetition Begins (May 24)

Mortal Kombat 11 hasn't been out for very long, but it's received widespread critical acclaim, especially for its advanced strategy tutorials. And on May 24, the Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition begins. It's a global esports tournament with a prize pool of $250,000. Do you think you have what it takes? Register at one of the events from May through December, and test your might.