Defamed comedian Louis C.K. is still making light of his sordid history with sexual misconduct during his stand-up sets, and it looks like he hopes that by prohibiting cameras and disallowing the audience from writing anything down during his show, that people will refrain from talking about it after the fact. 

According to Tennessean reporter Dave Paulson, who attended C.K.'s show in Nashville on Wednesday, the comedian made reference to the sexual misconduct allegations lodged against him. At one point, C.K. reportedly told the audience, "If you ask someone to watch you do what he did, and they agree, ask if they're sure. And if they still say yes, don't do it anyway."

In January, the comedian drew considerable backlash when audio of several jokes of his surfaced from the San Jose, California stop on his comeback tour. During his set, he joked about Parkland shooting survivors, gender non-conforming individuals, and  women who he masturbated in front of.

The added safety measures C.K. and his team have adopted are likely in response to the backlash he received earlier this year. According to Paulson, "Not only are phones and cameras banned, but audience members aren't allowed to write anything down. You'll be kicked out if you break the rules — and possibly sued."

In terms of what subject matter he addressed on Wednesday, the comedian reportedly said he has familiarized himself with the gender "expansion teams," the same pronouns he was criticized for mocking months ago. He also made fun of his own ignorance which he said is due to his age. 

The comedian is booked for a string of shows in Nashville, and based on the standing ovation he received last night, it appears as though audiences are starting to allow him back onto stages.